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Our group fitness classes revolve around functional fitness. Whatever you learn in class, you'll use on the field or in daily life. We'll teach you the proper techniques so you can work out safely and effectively.

It's important to choose a gym in Pittsfield, Ma that works for you. Use these questions to compare Renegade Fitness with other fitness facilities you're considering in the Pittsfield, MA area:


  • What kinds of equipment will you use? Our strength training classes incorporate free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, Medicine balls, olympic weight bars, and much more. We don't use weight machines because we want you to be functional. These workouts can be executed anywhere.

  • How will group fitness sessions help you achieve your goals? You'll get the training and motivation you need to push yourself in class. You'll be amazed by what you can do when you have a group of people supporting you.

Convinced yet? No? Try out Renegade Fitness today to see the difference for yourself.

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