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"I dropped in to MVP Strength and it was a great experience. The gym was clean and coaching staff was knowledgeable. The workout kept me moving the entire time. I definitely recommend dropping into this gym or even becoming a member! Thank You Todd for such a great workout and I hope to drop in again soon!"

"Travis Polidore"

"I'm 54 and trying to lose weight. I've dropped 35lbs and moving towards my goal weight thanks to MVP. I also feel stronger and more healthy. MVP has a terrific class design to keep things interesting while getting a full body workout in an hour. The class sizes are small so Todd can give personal attention to whoever needs it. It's a perfect place for someone with little to no experience with working out at a gym. I've never felt intimidated, always excepted. The other members are super supportive and encourage you all the way. I would strongly recommend MVP Strength camp."

"John Baumbach"

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